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I Mixed and Mastered for the World Cup 2022 Official Soundtrack!

No better time than now to get a blog going on my page really!

I'm very excited to share that the release of the track 'Ezz Alarab' by Wegz is out now as a part of the World Cup 2022 Official Soundtrack.

I was lucky enough to be asked to mix and master the first ever all Arabic track to be used in a World Cup soundtrack and I had a sick time working on it.

Special shout out goes to Tudor Monroe, a very talented Music Producer based in London who asked me to be involved in getting the best mix and master possible for the track.

More to come from me on this, I am hoping to share mix breakdowns and other cool content over on my Instagram ad Tik Tok in the coming weeks.

Go stream Ezz Alarab on all platforms now!

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